Yes. Academic editing is solely language-based and we do not alter your facts or content.

The price depends on the length of your document and the type of editing required. Our rates are the most affordable compared to industry standard. For a free quote, do contact us!

For a free quote, email us according to the instructions below each service or direct your inquiries to After details have been discussed, you will receive a personalized invoice. Once payment is received, you can kick back and relax while your document is being edited or reviewed.

If both you and your editor agree to proceed, the editor will provide you with a quote and estimated delivery date for your project. Please let us know if you have any specific deadlines that need to be met, and we will do our best to factor this into our scheduling. If you are happy with our services, we’ll ask for feedback so that you can give us a testimonial.

We will reply by email with confirmation of the price and return date and then we will send an invoice with payment options.

Yes, we usually require upfront payment for our services. However, for larger jobs and particular circumstances we may agree to a 50% deposit. Please contact us regarding this.

We accept payment via Paypal. Alternatively, you may do an EFT deposit into our bank account.
USD or ZAR are our currently supported currencies.

Details about the services purchased, the billing address, the order date and estimated due date, payment options and instructions.

Of course! Quality Quill ensures absolute confidentiality. The copyright of your work remains yours and yours alone. We can even sign a non-disclosure agreement upon request. Clients retain full ownership and copyright of their work. We will never share your work or contact details with a third party. Furthermore, all documents are deleted from our system within 30 days of job completion.

Manuscript length, errors, and documents that are already in queue may lengthen the return time. It is best to send us an inquiry. Clients can nominate their preferred return date. However, we will be upfront if we cannot meet your preferred time and an alternative will be suggested.


For manuscript evaluation, the standard delivery is within 2 weeks to 2 months. If there are many books in queue, it will influence the deadline. You will be informed about this before you are given a slot.

Should circumstances call for it, the client is free to cancel their editing order and request a refund within one week after payment, provided that the work on the document has not yet reached 50% completion. You will receive a partial refund if editing has already begun.

You have a 3-day window within which to cancel your order, should you change your mind. After that, refunds for manuscript evaluation/beta reading is not an option, unfortunately.

We edit in Microsoft Word files using the Track Changes function. This allows you to see the changes made and read any comments.

We can also edit PDF files using comments, if preferred. If, for some reason, your doc. or docx. file is corrupted, you may be asked to send an RTF file instead.

At the end of the process, you will receive two documents. One will have all the changes and comments visible, and the other will be a clean copy with changes already implemented. However, we encourage you to review the changes. A concluding report will be generated after job completion, wrapping up your contract with the editor.

If you have any questions, do feel free to ask. We value communication and understand that having a good rapport with the editor is important. However, there is no need to worry about checking in every day. As soon as payment is received, the editing or evaluation process begins.

The client will be contacted courteously as soon as possible should there be any unforeseen delay.

As we are a small business, we do not currently have a committed staff member in charge of calls. You are most welcome to send an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!