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Our Editing Services

Academic Editing

Meticulous language-editing for high school essays, journal articles, or dissertations. Feel confident by getting a polished paper without any changes to your intended context. Editing focus is on LANGUAGE, PUNCTUATION, and GRAMMAR— especially useful for ESL students. Although editing is purely language-based, in terms of maintaining referencing consistency, APA & Harvard can be accommodated.

Manuscript Editing

Your writing will be inspected line-by-line to catch lingering errors and improve coherency before publishing. During copy-editing, errors in grammar, tenses, punctuation, and spelling are weeded out according to either American or British English conventions. Style decisions are based on the Chicago Manual of Style (US), the Oxford Style Guide (UK), or your preferred in-house style guide.

Beta Reading

Many authors find it useful to send their manuscripts to beta-readers before any significant editing rounds. Beta-readers provide constructive and honest feedback about their reading experience which helps in the development of excellent stories. The author receives a detailed report that covers areas such as strengths, weaknesses, plot inconsistencies, characterisation, and more.